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Just a few comments from our clients

Forum Energy Technologies has been contracting AAA’s services throughout the last 8 years. During this time, AAA has been Forum’s sole source for all fiberglass repairs and installation.

Forum Energy considers AAA Fiberglass one of its top vendors. They have been recognized within Forum as outstanding at providing the correct level of support and supervision throughout the extent of the project. AAA and the crews that are provided are very responsive and deliver nothing but the utmost quality. To date, AAA Fiberglass has been able to complete all jobs presented to them. AAA has also provided consulting services when Forum is determining vendor quality.

Forum has had nothing but positive results from the vendors recommended by AAA Fiberglass.

Jake F.
Forum Energy Technologies


SPX is pleased to provide a reference and recommendation for AAA Fiberglass Repair. We have contracted with AAA on many projects across the US and in Hawaii. They are responsive with their quotes and have mobilized with little notice to meet our needs. They are reliable and provide quality work with a highly trained crew. They work well with all trades and crafts on every project they have executed for SPX. Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly M.
SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.


I am writing to recommend the services of AAA Fiberglass. SandRidge Energy has been utilizing AAA Fiberglass for installation, repair, and maintenance of fiberglass products in our field operations since 2008. They have always conducted themselves in a professional and ethical manner, and have shown great attention to detail and safety while working on our many leases in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

AAA Fiberglass has assisted us in all aspects of the fiberglass portion of our producers and saltwater disposals. They have always made it a priority to meet our growing needs and have assisted us in consultation and design of fiberglass assemblies to help streamline our operations and reduce costs.

David H.
SandRidge Energy