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Safety Compliance

AAA Fiberglass Services Safety Compliance

At AAA Fiberglass Services, safety is just as important to us as quality craftsmanship. Before any of our employees go out into the field, we make sure they have completed the proper safety training and certification. Many of our job sites are dangerous and hazardous, so we take the time to train our employees the right way from the start. We want to make sure our workers and other people on-site are as safe as possible.

Members of ISNetwork

We are members of ISNetwork, which means that we hire employees that have already passed a rigorous assessment process through one of the leading safety organizations in the industry. ISNetwork has a standardized pre-qualification process that matches current safety requirements for oil and gas services. We trust their professionals to evaluate our technicians before they apply to work with us, and then we complete our own qualification process in-house. This multi-step process ensures that we have nothing but the best employees when it comes time to do a job.

Members of PICS

In addition to working with ISNetwork, we also work with PICS to find pre-qualified contractors to join our team. PICS offers similar services to ISNetwork, analyzing our technicians ahead of time to make sure they are aware of current safety procedures and regulations. The reason we pull from multiple safety qualifiers is that different contractors place themselves in different networks. We want to make sure we get the best of the best from every angle.

In-House Training and Continuing Education

At AAA Fiberglass Services, we don’t just stop at the prequalification process. We put all of our employees through safety training on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the current standards in the industry. We outsource training for oilfield safety so that experts in that field can teach our workers how they need to act on the field. Then we conduct in-house training for our equipment, chemicals, and common work areas.

When you work with AAA Fiberglass Services, you can count on quality results every time. Beyond that though, you can feel confident about our employees being on your job site. We go the extra mile to ensure that our service providers are prepared for emergency situations, and we do our best to prevent those from happening. Contact us today to learn more about our safety protocol and commitment to excellence. Call us at (405) 347-7219.

Safety Compliance